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Alberto Moreno

Loan Professional NMLS #764153


Since I was very young, I loved to help people. I started mowing lawns for the elderly at the age of 13 and the gratitude on their face was all the pay I ever needed. I loved that I was a part of what made people smile. Being a loan officer is another way I can help people achieve the American Dream of home ownership. Working with Vault Mortgage Lending, I know I can continue to put smiles on entire family’s faces.

Working in construction, banking, and insurance has helped me to understand many aspects of homes and finance. I believe with this experience I can give people information that will enable them to be more educated and make intelligent choices when it comes to home ownership. Working with the team that I have surrounding me at Vault Mortgage Lending, gives me the comfort to know I am learning from a knowledgeable and experienced staff. I look forward to guiding my clients through the path necessary to get them into the house they’ve always wanted.

I love to build anything and everything. I build sliding doors, furniture, and home décor as a hobby. I also love to draw and paint portraits of people. I love to be with my family and do outdoor activities.

Please give me a call at (559) 975.9712 and allow me to help you achieve your dream of home ownership.